light bulb
Making the world safer for Washington innovators
Pragmatic environmentalism needed in WA-08
bus stop
Existing sales tax revenue sufficient for Metro bus service
How technology can make transit agencies more efficient
How technology can make transit agencies more efficient
Let’s do more for at-risk students before they fall behind
medicine bottles
The free market is the way forward—on biopharmaceuticals and most everything else
stack of money budgeting
Law requires across-board budget cuts
5g on a cloud
We need 5G now more than ever
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New normal is time to recalibrate rainy day fund
city bus
Transit agencies should reduce service, promote safer options during COVID-19 outbreak
You can’t make housing more affordable by making it more expensive
It’s time to take another look at GMA
apartment buildings
Just Cause laws put neighbors and rental homes at risk
house with tools
SEPA reform needed
train on tracks
Protecting critical industrial lands
Washington state’s housing crisis far from over
house model with building papers
More regulations and taxes = affordable home ownership?
train on railway
Rail project is key to our future
sharpened pencils
Picking Peter’s pocket to pay Paul: Lazy McCleary ‘fix’ leaves critical infrastructure projects out in the cold
gas pump
Low Carbon Fuel Standard wrong for Washington: Costly, unworkable fuel policy
seattle skyline
Homeless shack villages: A business owner’s point of view
Bloomberg funds state AGs to file politically motivated lawsuits
New rules on overtime pay raise concerns for retailers
New rules on overtime pay raise concerns for retailers
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Boosting business through responsible growth
Coin and magnifying glass
Washington already low-carbon leader, without new I-1631 energy tax
cargo container
Global trade requires timely investments in maritime, rail
More flexible ADU rules important housing solution
More flexible ADU rules important housing solution
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The Hidden Impact of a Carbon Pollution “Fee”
Housing density: coming soon to your small town?
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Supreme Court upholds tax fairness for retailers
student writing in notepad
Our long McCleary nightmare is over. Now, the real work of reforming public education must begin.
Homeownership: Time to tap unused tools
buildings seattle skyline
Washington state’s future depends on saving Seattle from itself
factory worker
Washington must welcome heavy industry to hedge service sector instability
animal swallowing dollar bills
Business owners: Head tax yet another burden
Statewide soda tax ban would send an important message: Do policy smarter.
Statewide soda tax ban would send an important message: Do policy smarter.
city street and people
Finding balance among jobs, housing, environment key to growth planning
City bus on street
Sound Transit will never be accountable to taxpayers until we directly elect its board
diesel train on tracks
Freight rail must roll on
semi truck on highway
Low carbon fuel standard a plan for well-intentioned failure
computers, cameras and cell phones
State energy savings bill would discourage progress
couple in front of house
A housing crisis that affects us all
City bus
Legislature shouldn’t squander opportunity to correct Sound Transit’s excesses
semi truck highway
Low carbon fuel standard is bad for your wallet
Man throwing money
Toxic habit of raiding hazardous site clean-up fund must end before any talk of tax hike
condominium under construction
The need for condominium liability reform
Homeownership Is Still the Foundation of the American Dream and a Strong Economy