Northwest Seaport Alliance weighs in on Chinese tariffs

During an Apr. 12 U.S. House Ways and Means Committee public hearing, Northwest Seaport Alliance CEO John Wolfe urged Congress to negotiate fair trade opportunities for U.S. exporters when considering how to respond to new Chinese tariffs.

“While there are justifiable concerns about China’s trade practices, we continue to believe that productive engagement and negotiations are the best path to ensuring a fair and level playing field for mutually beneficial trade.

“The U.S. must be clear on the desired remedies sought, and then tariffs should be a measure of last resort that are narrowly targeted to address the problem and minimize the unintended impacts on Americans.”

Wolfe added that $27 billion in imports from China came through Seattle and Tacoma cargo terminals in 2017, while an additional $1.1 billion of Chinese imports came through Sea-Tac. Close to $5 billion of exports to China traveled through those terminals last year, and an additional $2.2 billion went through Sea-Tac.

Wolfe closed his comments by saying the Seaport Alliance will “continue to advocate loudly and consistently for new market access opportunities throughout the globe.”


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