Data Visualization: Key Washington State Public Health Indicators

An Interactive Look At Public Health In Washington State, By County

Data Visualization: Key Washington State Public Health Indicators
At their Open Data Portal, the Association of Washington Cities depicts public health indicators in an interactive data visualization. Scroll down here to enter, and use.

Washington state employers are attuned to public health indicators which reveal insights into the regions where their workforces reside. If certain health problems and challenges are particularly present, employers may seek to emphasize their prevention in their health care and wellness programs. A good place to start is with objective data, by county. Some valuable baseline data for Washington state from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin, is captured by The Association of Washington Cities (AWC) at its open data portal, using data visualization software by Seattle-based Tableau Software.

Washington counties are portrayed based on key public health metrics, including child mortality, obesity, excessive alcohol usage, health insurance coverage, and more, compared to the statewide average. Explore the visualization, embedded below thanks to the open-use parameters of the AWC’s work. And hats off to AWC for diving into open data and data visualization.

Here’s the interactive visualization. Use the left-right and up-down scroll bars as needed, and note the pull-down menu options for different metrics. Mouse-over any county for pop-up data points.


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