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Eastern Washington

Energy & Environment

Dairy Cow

Washington dairy and the USMCA

Representatives from Washington state’s trade and agricultural sectors are praising the new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). The trade deal would govern trade relations among...
Whale task force may punt on dams

Whale task force may punt on dams

The Southern Resident Killer Whale Recovery Task Force created by Governor Jay Inslee has released a draft report of recommendations on how to aid...


The hidden cost of K-12 pay raises

The hidden cost of K-12 pay raises

While local school districts struggle to find ways to pay for recently approved teacher salary increases, the full cost to Washington taxpayers is still...
Making schools start on time

Making schools start on time

The first day of school for the 2018-19  academic year has been marked by numerous teacher strikes throughout the state over proposed raises demanded...


Salmon Bay Bridge

The need for rail infrastructure investment

If the Puget Sound region wants to continue its success as a leader in trade, then it must continue to make early investments in...
Wine grapes

Grape growers expect great harvest

Washington’s wine harvest is well underway, and representatives from the wine industry are expecting a large harvest with low disease risk. Grape growers say...


Nurse spending time with patient

Individual provider bill controversial

Lawmakers opposed to SB 6911 are arguing the bill would take away the freedom of choice for individual home care providers when considering whether...
Doctor checking up on patient

Adopting a national model for insurance companies

Under a new bill, insurance companies would be required to follow a national framework for managing and reporting their business activity. Proponents of SB 5069...
Patient giving blood

Business stakeholders wary of reinsurance bill

Business representatives are voicing concerns that a new bill related to health care reinsurance would mean yet another cost burden on small businesses and...


Study estimates carbon tax costs

Study estimates carbon tax costs

When all’s said and done, a carbon fee proposed under Initiative 1631 would increase total costs for the average Washington household by $440 in...
Expedia’s ‘have job, will travel’ workplace

Expedia’s ‘have job, will travel’ workplace

Expedia Group’s decision to move its headquarters from Bellevue across Lake Washington to Seattle at the 40-acre former Amgen waterfront campus may further solidify...

Lens Video: Promoting rail infrastructure investments

Lens attended the Seattle Community Rail Briefing to hear why investing in rail infrastructure is important for Washington state trade.

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